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"Pruve is an online database that provides practitioners and patients with evidence based-natural medicine resources. These days, with all of the self professed gurus online, it is hard to know what information to trust. Pruve is the solution we are looking for to find credible information."
- Dr. Joel Gator Warsh, MD, MSc
"Pruve is an interesting concept and one that is long overdue in the space. Where one might Google a specific ailment or condition or even curiosity and have multiple sources spit back out, this type of platform feels as though it will be trusted and a one stop informational hub. Being a part of a community such as this with the aim of simplifying while educating feels like a logical step."
- Susan Passoni, Integrative Health Practitioner
"By day, I work full time in the pharmaceutical industry. My most extensive experience is in the diabetes space. And it astounds me how much effort is placed on using drugs to treat symptoms, instead of on using food and natural remedies to correct the underlying issues. This is unsustainable for humanity."
- Carolyn Stephenson, Founder of Nutrition Nerd, Certified Hormone Specialist, Pn-1 Nutrition Coach
"Women and mothers often spend lots of time researching health online, and trying to DIY their health and the health of their families. I want women to be able to find reliable information about natural medicine at home, and be able to accurately identify when they need to seek out professional care because certain health conditions cannot be handled at home. I see Pruve as a bridge between people looking for accurate natural health information and the experts in the field. People can use it both to learn online, and to become connected with local physicians to be able to help them in person if needed."
- Dr. Laura Nicholas, ND

Provide Credible & Trusted Information?

Pruve users will have the ability to access vital resources and unfiltered reviews on the latest research in complementary therapies

Connecting People to a Community?

Users will have the ability to connect with integrative health experts, health coaches, and other contributors to share and disseminate information through premium accounts and online chatbots

Take Control of Your Health

Pruve will ultimately help patients make safe and effective decisions regarding the use of complementary therapies, with the aim of addressing the root cause of illness, not just suppressing symptoms