Pruve is an online resource providing convenient access to research and reviews regarding the therapeutic value of  complementary therapies for the prevention and treatment of disease. Search a condition, and find the corresponding complementary therapies, supplements, and foods that have been proven to help.

Founders' Story

Pruve was born out of a shared frustration with our current healthcare system, and the desire to help educate people about more integrative approaches to address illness. Founders Andrew Piispanen and Jacqueline Genova created Pruve upon the belief that education equals empowerment. Pruve is an online resource where users can access evidence-based data regarding natural treatment modalities for specific illnesses, without the complexity of searching through multiple sources online. The founders’ mission is for Pruve to serve as a catalyst in shifting the healthcare system from one that focuses on suppressing symptoms to one that addresses the root-cause of illness.

Our Values



Committed to Improving Overall Health

Exploration is at the heart of everything we do, from studies we cover to the science backing of the recommendations. We feature the best research and medical expertise in each area that we might explore. 

Through Pruve, users will have the ability to connect with holistic health experts and share and disseminate information.

Our mission with Pruve is to help patients make safe and effective decisions regarding the use of complementary therapies, with the aim of addressing the root cause of illness, not just suppressing symptoms.